SINN currently has 3 releases.  Sleeze Demo # 1, Jailbait and Can't Leave You Alone.  There are plans to record new songs for a compilation in 2020.  Jailbait is currently available through Perris Records.  Sleeze Demo #1 was released in a very limited quantity and is no longer in print.   Can't Leave You Alone was only sold at Britny Fox shows in 2007 and is also out of print.  
The original Sleeze Demo #1 was recorded by Krash writing and playing all of the instruments.   This served as a platform to attract other musicians in order to form a band that could perform live.   These recording started during the late 1990's in Billings, Montana and continued over the next couple of years.  The unintended result was a mix of music that sounds like Too Fast For Love meets G.G Allin....
Jailbait was released on Perris Records while Tommy was playing guitar with American Sugar Bitch.  Jailbait was made up of a few songs from the demo and newer songs written by Krash and Guitarist/Bassist Mick Spacy.  On drums was longtime friend Matthew Scott.  This line up played in the Philadelphia area during a time when hard rock was struggling to survive.  Ultimately this line up when through several changes but Mick and Krash were always the core.
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