1.  Billy, How was Gun Shy formed?  


Gun Shy formed after the band Alibi broke up.  Alan Hoke (our drummer) picked up bass player, Frank Sorbello (Richards) and guitarist Nick Massimino.   Later Dan Lerro replaced Nick and we completed the band by finding another great guitar player Tommy Krash.  Then a lot of practice in Frank's basement followed!!


2. How do you remember this time in your life? It was one of the best times of my life.

And all the great musicians I played with too.


4.  How did you meet AIan? Through a friend that said he had a great drummer for the band Alibi, Alan Hoke.


5. Why did you spend so much time and money recording this music before you had a full band? The Warehouse in Philly wasn't a cheap studio.  Because music is number one.  I believed in these songs.  I knew it would get me the great musicians and I truly believed we could generate some serious interest if the songs were recorded properly.  


6. Who wrote these amazing songs?  I wrote these songs with Dean Demetrius guiding and  encouraging me.  In addition Alan Hoke also wrote on a couple of these.  


8. Were you going for a particular style with these songs?  Not really... Whatever came to me at the time sitting down playing my guitar.

As far as the actual recording who played on these?


 As far as I can remember.....

Billy Glaser: Lead Vocals and acoustic guitars.  

Rick Rowan: Recorded lead guitar on all of our songs.  

Alan Hoke: Drums, keys, background vocals as well as endless talent and support during this process.  

Frank  Sorbello:  Bass and contributed to the background vocals.

Dan Lerro:  Background Vocals

Steve Parry from Heaven's Edge, recorded on one of the songs.

Dean Davidson from Britny Fox helped with background singing on one of the songs.


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